Cabinet & Countertop Inspirations

This is the final installment of options to better organize your kitchen.  Read on for more information on wastebaskets and knife storage.

Wastebasket Pullout: How many times do you wish to hide your kitchen wastebasket?  You can hide it.  In almost all of our kitchen designs, we include Wastebasket Pull-out.  Placing the wastebasket inside a cabinet keeps it readily accessible, while making it invisible when not in use.  This pullout typically has two wastebaskets … one for trash and one for recycling.  This accessory can also be incorporated in other cabinets in your home, including the laundry room, office, and bar cabinets.

Knife Storage:  Have you ever reached into a cabinet drawer and gotten stabbed by one of the knives stored there?  Accessories are available to solve your knife storage … keeping them organized, covering their sharp edges / points, and preventing damage to other utensils in the drawer.

Continuing our series of posts on winning the kitchen clutter battle, let’s look at the options to organize cookie sheets and your everyday cutlery.

Cookie Sheets: Because of their size, cookie sheets can often be an awkward item to store.  Placing them in a base cabinet with vertical dividers makes storage a cinch.  Locating the dividers in a cabinet near the oven puts the correct tray at your fingertips, right when you need them.

The space overhead in a tall oven cabinet or above the refrigerator is often underutilized.  It may even become a collecting spot for odds-n-ends or seldom used items.  These can be excellent locations to install dividers to hold trays, pans, or unused oven racks.

Cutlery:  How often do you get tired of messing with the constantly shifting plastic cutlery dividers purchased from your local superstore?  The cutlery divider can be built right inside the drawer to fit perfectly.  Placing this drawer near the dishwasher or dining table will further improve its convenience.

Take a look at our final installment to learn about two additional accessories to conquer clutter.


Kitchen clutter can be conquered using of a variety of cabinet accessories.  Over the next couple of blogs, we will highlight a number of available options.

The kitchen below was designed, constructed, and installed by The KitchenWright.  To meet the homeowner’s desires, a number of accessories were incorporated to increase functionality.  

Now, let’s take a peek inside the cabinets to find the accessories. 

Spices:  Finding a good place to store a cook’s spices and seasonings can be frustrating.  For this kitchen, we included a Wall Shelf Spice Organizer in the design.  Storing spices in a wall cabinet keeps them away from damaging moisture or cooking oils.  We located the spice organizer in a cabinet next to the cooktop, enabling easy access during meal preparation.

Pots & Pans Storage:  One of the most popular trends in kitchen design is locating the cooktop in a drawer cabinet.  The drawers allow for convenient storage of large pots and saucepans.  The drawers can utilize vertical dividers or pegs / peg board to hold the cookware in place.  Located underneath the cooktop makes the pots & pans easy to reach.

If you don’t have these accessories, don’t worry.  In most cases, you can add these accessories to your existing cabinets.  


"I am in love with my new kitchen and The KitchenWright played a huge part in that. I had specific ideas and they educated me and made it happen. They knew what I wanted and seamlessly made decisions based on that. I've had other contractors try to pass things by on me, thinking I wouldn't know the difference, but in this case they anticipated issues and fixed them before they were permanent. They were a delight to work with. My kitchen even made the Facebook page! Thanks for making this a great experience!"
-Gretchen C.

"Thanks so much for your help and input! We love our “refreshed” kitchen now. I really enjoyed working with you and have already given your card to a friend!"
-Arden E.

"They did a fabulous job. They were real professionals, it was the type of job that I could leave them alone and not worry about my house."
-Ed R.